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Manually Subscribing to a Thread w/ Email Notification
If you have set your default preference to NOT receive email notification of activity on a subscribed thread, but wish to subscribe to a specific thread and receive notification, follow the steps below.

1) Enter the forum containing the thread you wish to subscribe to.

2) Open the thread you wish to subscribe to.

3) Click the New Reply button. A Reply screen displays.

4) Type your reply into the text area of the Reply screen.

5) Locate the Thread Subscription section below the text area of the Reply screen.

6) Select the Subscribe and receive email notification of new replies radio button.

7) Post your reply. You will receive an email notification each time a new post is made to the thread and all subsequent posts made to the thread by anyone, including you, will be added to your Subscribed Threads list.


Even if you elect to receive email notification when new content is posted to a thread, you will not be notified when you post something to the thread.

After the initial notification, you will not receive further email notifications of new posts to the thread until you visit the forum to read your messages. Email notifications will resume after you visit the thread and read the new posts.