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Setting Your Default Thread Subscription Mode
To set your default preference for whether or not you will be subscribed to any thread you post a reply to and whether or not you will receive email notification when anyone else replies to the thread, follow the steps below.

1) Click the User CP link at the top of the forum to access your User Control Panel.

2) Click the Edit Options link under the Your Profile section of the Menu on the left side of the User Control Panel. The Edit Options screen displays.

3) Locate the Messaging and Notification block on the Edit Options screen.

4) Locate the Default Thread Subscription Mode drop-down menu.

5) Select your desired default option (Do not subscribe, No email notification, Instant email notification) from the drop-down menu.

6) Click the Update Options button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.


Even if you elect to receive email notification when new content is posted to a thread, you will not be notified when you post something to that thread.

After the initial notification, you will not receive further email notifications of new posts to the thread until you visit the forum to read your messages. Email notifications will resume after you visit the thread and read the new posts.