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Einstein's work - chris0033547 - 12-05-2014

I just thought that the following is significant enough to be mentioned and thus preserved here:

I'm sure that at least some of his works can already be found somethere on the Internet for free but the above archive claims to contain all of his works and offers them to the public for free. Here's the direct link in the case the above article disappears from the New York Times:

RE: Einstein's work - Drashner1 - 12-05-2014


If no one beats me to it, I'll aim to get this added to our Links and Extras section over the weekend.



RE: Einstein's work - stevebowers - 12-05-2014

Note; I do intend to reorganise the Links pages in the next week or so, to give each section a separate page; when that happens we will need as many suggestions for links as possible.