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Sad News - stevebowers - 03-06-2015

From Donna Hirsekorn

Just a short note to let you know that one of the early contributors to OA, died this week. Grant Thomas died peacefully in his sleep.. His wife is Janna Thomas, she has a.facebok page if you to send her a message. I believe a nice tribute to Grant would be in order on OA. I hope that you agree with this suggestion because Grant was vey dedicated to the success of OA.

Thank you

RE: Sad News - stevebowers - 03-06-2015

Grant was here at the beginning, posting some very early material that is still part of the scenario today; his major contribution was as editor of the first Orion's Arm Magazine, the Orion's Arm Ezine (also known as Orion Tales).

RE: Sad News - Drashner1 - 03-06-2015

Grant is currently listed as an Emeritus member on the bio page. Perhaps we could use that as a starting point to create a memorial page for him. Possibly a brief eulogy (insofar) as we can produce such, as well as links to his most notable contributions to the project.

From there, we could include a link in the next What's New entry, and also in the next V:FT issue (coming out at the end of the month), and on the OA social media pages.

Unfortunately, I'm going to be out of communication all next week, but does this sound like it would be appropriate and doable? Also, should we/can we contact his widow in some fashion to send our condolences?



RE: Sad News - stevebowers - 03-06-2015

I can ask Donna to pass on our regards, and (later) a link to any notice we put up.

RE: Sad News - stevebowers - 03-06-2015

The second issue of Orion Tales is here, dating from 2002 (just before I joined).