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Where You Guys At? - Centauri5921 - 03-19-2016

So guys, where are you all from? I'm guessing I'm the only person from Ireland here, I imagine most folks here are from the UK/USA Big Grin be as vague as you wish of course, just dont say "Earth" or anything, lol

RE: Where You Guys At? - Rynn - 03-19-2016

Pretty much lived south England all my life Smile

RE: Where You Guys At? - stevebowers - 03-19-2016

I moved from South England to North England, back to south England and back again - and here I am.
Not far on a universal, or even a global scale, but it seems quite a long way when you consider the dialects involved.

RE: Where You Guys At? - Worldtree - 03-19-2016

I've mostly lived in the New England states in the USA

RE: Where You Guys At? - radtech497 - 03-19-2016

I've been in far west Texas (this time) since 1985; before that, I lived (in reverse order) in southern Kentucky, southwest Germany, northeast Georgia, eastern South Carolina, and southern Nevada. Prior to moving to southern Nevada, I lived in far west Texas for ten years, and prior to that I lived in southeast Texas, central Alabama, northern Virginia, eastern Massachusetts, central Oklahoma, southern Florida, and central Massachusetts again. Not so wide a range on any but but a national scale.


EDIT: About three months after posting this, I retired from teaching and moved to a small town near Austin, Texas, where I am to this day (27 June 2017).


RE: Where You Guys At? - Drashner1 - 03-19-2016

I was born and raised in Alaska, went to college in Arizona (living there a total of nine years) and have spent most of 20yrs now living in Virginia.


RE: Where You Guys At? - QueElEs - 03-19-2016

I was born and grew up in Wales, spent a couple years in Manchester (North England), am now in Cambridge (East of England) for a year.

RE: Where You Guys At? - PortalHunter - 03-23-2016

I lived in South Korea for the first eight years of my life, then moved to where a short drive could take me to the highest tides in the world. Canada, eh?

RE: Where You Guys At? - Andrew P. - 04-07-2016

Born in Florida, lived in Wisconsin for most of my life, and have been in California for four years (hopefully many more to follow, I like it out here).

RE: Where You Guys At? - Avengium - 10-25-2016

I'm from Madrid, Spain but my family is from Galicia (Spain). So when i have holidays, i drive north to Galicia.