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RE: Hey Guys. - stevebowers - 05-16-2017

Remember that a lot of OA actually does date back to the early '00s and before; the early graphics were largely created by Bernd Helfert using the aesthetic of that time. I've tried to replicate it myself sometimes, just for laughs. Artwork in that style should fit in well.

RE: Hey Guys. - Drashner1 - 05-16-2017

Ah. Understood. Yes, much of the early imagery is from the early 2000s. And much of it deals with abstract concepts which are hard to depict in a concrete manner.

That said, we are gradually adding or replacing images in the EG on an ongoing basis, as new artists and artwork join the project.


RE: Hey Guys. - Rynn - 05-16-2017

RE discord. I'm not opposed to the idea of a casual live chat (wouldn't matter if any of us were really, members can chat wherever they like!) so long as anything more than that like article ideas, comments and discussion points are kicked to the forum. I've created an account and set up an OAUP server.

RE: Hey Guys. - IA190 - 05-16-2017

Thanks for using the banner guys. I really hope to contribute more.

RE: Hey Guys. - IA190 - 05-16-2017

Also, you got an invite to said discord chat?

RE: Hey Guys. - Rynn - 05-16-2017

Oops sorry, link here: