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Hello OA universe - AlexSevern - 11-04-2017

Greetings to the Minds behind this awesome work of Memetic art! I am a huge fan of this Universe though only became aware of it earlier in this year--it struck a cord in me because I currently am building a universe of my own and while there are some similarities, my plot takes place in a reality where AI began in an...unconventional manner. As a result, the AI in my universe are not openly preeminent; choosing to seed the worlds with quasi mystical quasi religious legends and myths. 
Whenever I have time, I gleefully wander the halls of your edifice of artifice, in awe at times, but ultimately, OA inspires me to even more convoluted contortions of fictional reality. Live long and prosper!

RE: Hello OA universe - Dave - 11-05-2017

Heh. I think a lot of us came here because we thought that working with a bunch of other world builders would make our own worlds better. I know I did!

RE: Hello OA universe - stevebowers - 11-05-2017

Hi, AlexSevern! Welcome to OA!

RE: Hello OA universe - Rynn - 11-05-2017

Welcome to the forums Smile quite a lot of us have side worlds we develop. Often there's overlap for ideas that fit in OA too, I could totally see an article about a bunch of worlds on the periphery seeded with neogenic ecosystems (complete with tool using sophonts) by a mysterious, unknown transapient.

RE: Hello OA universe - Rhea47 - 11-05-2017

Welcome to the forums

RE: Hello OA universe - Drashner1 - 11-05-2017

Hi There - Welcome to OASmile