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Intertoposophics - Winterlight - 02-13-2018

I've loved the entries about Ascend/Transcend. I like how its qualified as not a hard and fast thing. I can imagine
symbiotic relationships. A transcend that was going wrong with someone "lower" being a stabilizing force and the
"higher" then keeping them for that. Or an Ascend that goes wrong and later a "higher" comes along and takes
pity on them in a "baseline bob" way. Point is that while the entries in the Encyclopedia are fun, they're not written
in stone, theres room to have fun with how things work inside OA that doesn't destroy the consistancy but allows
for story room.

I think much of Hamiltons stuff seems at the very least "inspired" by OA.


RE: Intertoposophics - Rynn - 02-13-2018

Welcome back to the forums Smile