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behind the scenes tab - Dfleymmes1134 - 07-29-2013

Just a possibility- for the eventual site redesign..

On some of the pages, it might be helpful to have a (separate) tab showing how the numbers/ conclusions/ calculations have been arrived at, particularly on topics that are often challenged. The wormhole article, for example, has a variety of references.



Transapient Brain Size

Currently, there are a few pages where there's references or calculations. If it would be more convenient and organized to place these in a separate tab, similar to wikipedia's article/ talk system, it might be helpful. Perhaps the "development Notes" section at the bottom is sufficient, as in the Population article. If it would be also helpful to have a link to the discussion date/ number from the forums for reference, that's a possibility too.

Does this sound like it's worth the trouble?

RE: behind the scenes tab - Drashner1 - 07-30-2013

This certainly seems like an option. Either the Development Notes could be used more (they came along a bit after many of the articles mentioned and we haven't had a lot of stuff with design notes since, but we could use them more. Or we could shift them over to a tab such as you describe as part of the redesign.

Sounds like its definitely worth considering.


RE: behind the scenes tab - stevebowers - 07-31-2013

A link in the Development Notes tab could suffice - several of my articles have calculations behind them, even if it is only planetary density or orbits (usually I use a calculator for these purposes, so I suppose the link could go to a page with more links to calculators and other references, as well as any actual calculations). The inspiration for a particular article might also be interesting.