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I present myself - habilet - 10-18-2018

Hi, there. 

I have read the introduction and some of the articles posted and seems like an unusual great care has been taken to make it as hard-sci as possible, which is something outstanding these days, and more surprisingly biotech themes have been added.

So, I don't expect to simply start contributing right away, mostly I'm here to consult, help here and there and see what comes out of it, and also because it seemed like a good old fashioned forum presentation was in order.

So, hi again.

RE: I present myself - Rynn - 10-19-2018

Welcome to the forums Smile we have put a lot of work into OA trying to ground it in realism, if you have and questions and comments go right ahead. We also have a discord if you’d like to join for more casual chats:

RE: I present myself - Avengium - 10-19-2018

Good old fashioned forum Big Grin

RE: I present myself - Drashner1 - 10-19-2018

Hi There - Welcome to OASmile

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to raise them on the forum or by contacting one of the admins directly.

Feel free to jump into any discussions that interest you or start a new thread on a new topic if you prefer.

Hope this helps,