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Larry Niven - sandcastles - 02-27-2019

I went to and it looks like the only page being updated is the list of latest works, and upcoming works.  So I guess he's still active.  I wondered if any of you know anything more?

There's supposed to a live chat with him the first Saturday of each month.  I tried to participate once, but I'm not familiar with whatever software was being used, and I couldn't get a reply.

I wrote to a couple of people in the "contact us" list and got no reply.  Is there another place to go to contact him?  Is he still going to conventions?  I know he's going to be 91 this year.

I wanted to ask about something, maybe somebody else has asked about this.  This stuff with Donald Trump and Russia...doesn't it remind you of something?   The Co-Dominium series?  Did Niven and Pournelle ever go into detail about how the US-USSR alliance got started?  I don't suppose Putin ... ?  Nah....

I didn't think to ask Pournelle about it.  Was  he good about answering fan mail?    Has Larry Niven been answering inquiries?  Thanks.