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So, new here. Hiya. - NeoSilverThorn - 03-04-2019

Hi.  I'm NeoSilverThorn.  New here.

Forgive the brevity; I'm never sure what to say in these things.  I'm horrid at introductions.

RE: So, new here. Hiya. - Drashner1 - 03-04-2019

Hi there! Welcome to OA!

Feel free to jump into any discussions that catch your interest or to start a new thread if you have thoughts, ideas, or questions that you'd like to discuss.

In particular, if you have any questions about elements of the OA setting or how the OA community works, please don't hesitate to ask. We're a pretty friendly bunch and don't mind answering questions at allSmile

Looking forward to seeing you around the forums and once again - Welcome to OASmile


RE: So, new here. Hiya. - Rynn - 03-04-2019

Welcome to the forums Smile What brings you to OA?