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Happy Armstrong Day - SeanR - 07-20-2019

Okay, here it's a little over half an hour before the clock rolls over, but I'm going to bed and didn't want to forget.
Besides, it's been Armstrong Day on the cape for 26 minutes already, even if it won't be so in Houston for another 34.

RE: Happy Armstrong Day - stevebowers - 07-20-2019

20 July 2019 (Armstrong Day, 50 A.T.)
Happy Armstrong Day!

Fifty years ago today, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first walked on the Moon. In the Tranquility Calendar, this is the last day of the year 50 AT.
When the Apollo astronauts stepped on the Moon, only the planets in our Solar System had ever been observed. Today, astronomers have detected thousands of new worlds. The Milky Way has hundreds of billions of worlds waiting to be walked upon; the future will hold many more 'small steps for Man' if we can find the determination to make them.

RE: Happy Armstrong Day - ProxCenBound - 07-21-2019

Happy Armstrong Day everyone! Here's to another 50 years of learning more about the vast universe beyond Earth.

RE: Happy Armstrong Day - iancampbell - 07-22-2019

I concur with the sentiments here. But I do have a comment. There was one earlier event, about 24 years earlier in fact, of possibly equal significance.

I refer to July 16th, a date that became significant in 1945. Trinity Day.

Which event was more significant? The jury is still out. But one thing that Trinity Day made crystal clear is the absolute necessity for the train of events of which Tranquility Day was the culmination. For now, unfortunately.

We could have had a working Moonbase in the late 1970s and significant human population in high orbit by the late 1980s. So many opportunities missed...

RE: Happy Armstrong Day - ai_vin - 07-24-2019

50 years ago we sent men to the moon, on a spaceship designed & guided by computing power you can now slip into your back pocket. Imagine what we could have been doing now if we had thought about long term gains instead of short term ones;