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Deathworlders - ai_vin - 09-10-2019

Hey guys;

This is 100% OT but I came across it today and had to share.

RE: Deathworlders - Drashner1 - 09-11-2019

I've only had a chance to skim this but it looks like a very nice readSmile

I'd also seen a passing mention of this series (the Jenkinsverse on TV Tropes) and so this rang a bell until I tracked it down.

Will aim to read this all the way through when I can grab some quiet time.

Thanks for this!


RE: Deathworlders - ai_vin - 09-12-2019

Todd old man, "some quiet time" ain't going to cut it. This story has 58 chapters just from the original author alone.
Also, there's a wiki if you get stuck;