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Aurelio here! - Aurelio - 11-03-2019

Hi there!

I'm a fan of Orion's Arm since like 2012. Finally I've decided to register here to talk with some of the creators and maybe contribute to it too, if that's possible.


RE: Aurelio here! - Worldtree - 11-03-2019

Welcome, Aurelio!

Sounds like you might know your way around already! you are absolutely welcome to make contributions. What kind of ideas and stories are you interested in making?

RE: Aurelio here! - Drashner1 - 11-03-2019

Welcome to the ForumsSmile

Please feel free to join in on any threads that grab your interest or start any new ones if you'e so inclined. And if you have any questions or concerns about the setting or the project, please feel free to ask.


RE: Aurelio here! - MacGregor - 11-03-2019

Good for you on taking the plunge! Can’t wait to hear your ideas.