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Her (2013) - Rynn - 09-10-2013

Really interested to see this film when it's out. The plot centers around the relationship between a lonely middle aged man and an artificially intelligent operating system that adapts its behaviour and personality to its user.

A very interesting topic relevant to OA and how we may interact with our technology in the future IRL.


RE: Her (2013) - ai_vin - 09-10-2013

IRL, it will happen - a lot.

RE: Her (2013) - Rynn - 09-18-2013

I hope so. An interesting consequence of this technology (assuming it gets really good) could be a big reduction in humans socialising with humans. When you can have a variety of digital friends perfectly tailored to your needs...

RE: Her (2013) - ai_vin - 09-18-2013

OTOH if our digital friends are really programmed to take care of us they will see a reduction in humans socialising with humans as a problem to solve, they could act to counter this by teaching us social skills and memegineering us to be more outgoing.

RE: Her (2013) - Rynn - 09-18-2013

That's assuming that not socialising with other humans is a problem

RE: Her (2013) - Ares Johnson - 09-22-2013

Now this looks interesting, and these are some interesting takes on how such tech might play out. It is indeed possible that such AIs may try to steer us away from being too dependent on them if they see problems arising from it. I've sometimes wondered how/if fully sophont hedonistic vecs or virtuals might react to this sort of thing. To quote Dogbert, "When virtual reality is cheaper than dating, society is doomed."

RE: Her (2013) - Rynn - 09-22-2013

Saturn's Children by Charlie Stross has a similar theme, humans are extinct and all of civilisation is now run by robot servants left over. It's never stated why humans are extinct but it's implied that with robots taking over more and more of humanities duties and needs (the main character is an escort robot) the race just dwindled.

RE: Her (2013) - stevebowers - 09-22-2013

The Parental robots on Diwali are the result of a similar chain of events; they were designed to resemble humans in appearance and behaviour, in order to raise the first generation of colonists - but they never managed to construct a world comfortable enough for their projected human children, so they inhabited it themselves.

RE: Her (2013) - Ares Johnson - 01-19-2014

Has anyone gone to see this movie yet? I just came back from it and was wondering what others thought of it.

In short, very interesting and nice to see a movie where AIs are not bad, but I did not find the ending emotionally satisfying, thought it was kind of interesting.