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Medicyte article - terrafamilia - 07-20-2020

The last sentence of the article ends with, "or if available are dismantled by marrocine." The term "marrocine" only appears in this article. I wasn't sure if that was a typo or a device/substance that was never further elaborated.



RE: Medicyte article - Drashner1 - 07-20-2020

Hm. At a guess I'd say that maybe 'marrocine' is some form of nanotech synthetic bone marrow? Or some type of disassembly nanobot.

We can dig into this a bit and figure it out, I'm sure. Or just flat out replace it with another term or phrase that makes more sense.


RE: Medicyte article - Rynn - 07-21-2020

That’s a hold over from an earlier draft. It can be removed. It did refer to implants in the marrow but the idea was cut for being superfluous.