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Raised by Wolves - MacGregor - 09-12-2020

Is anyone else watching Raised by Wolves on HBO Max? Can’t say exactly why, but I get a bit of an OA vibe from it.

RE: Raised by Wolves - Cray - 09-16-2020

(09-12-2020, 12:35 PM)MacGregor Wrote: Is anyone else watching Raised by Wolves on HBO Max? Can’t say exactly why, but I get a bit of an OA vibe from it.

Yes, rather enjoying it though it's a bit slow. I was expecting rather lower technology than they ended up depicting - it's a shame to see a civilization with starflight, gravity control, and AI fall apart over religious bickering like that.

I'm enjoying the depiction of the androids. The actors are doing a good job of being almost human but sticking in the uncanny valley. I'd like to know more about the origin of the "necromancers" and what brought about the war.

RE: Raised by Wolves - Worldtree - 09-17-2020

The premise was excellent.. and worth watching.
I get that they wanted to evoke some kind of post-expulsion adam and eve or something with Mother and Father raising children in a tent, but having the "atheist" androids do such a terrible job of landing their tiny ship that they skid into a hole and eventually lose access to their equipment and tiny spacecraft lander, then don't use any advanced equipment that they clearly should have had to check for the <thing that killed most of the original children. spoilers> then years later, have the <admittedly insane> mother clearly be able to destroy -any- human she comes across in the solarist spacecraft with her sonic/ nanobot-magic powers, but instead completely destroys the entire craft and all the valuable equipment involved once she'd removed the new children from their comfortable life in a virtual reality forest in orbit to go live on an unprotected deadly planet instead, which had already killed the first batch of children with <reason>.
maybe there's some good reasons for doing all this which have yet to be revealed ?

just so many times where if they thought through it just a little more, most of the show could be logical, mostly grounded, -and- dramatic.

the prop designers and actors did a great job though. And the cinematography.

RE: Raised by Wolves - stevebowers - 09-17-2020

Parental vecs. This is a fairly common strategy in OA. The trouble is Kepler 22b is probably too massive for comfortable human habitation.

RE: Raised by Wolves - MacGregor - 09-29-2020

Good points y’all. Do we have any mentions of Kepler 22b in OA?

RE: Raised by Wolves - terranova210486 - 10-01-2020

Any information about the religious faction in the show?