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What was that scifi book? - tmazanec1 - 10-14-2020

A book I read a couple decades or so ago is on my mind, and I can't remember what it was or who wrote it.
The protagonist is caught in a time warp where he speeds a thousand centuries or more into the future. Civilization rises and falls (five times over IIRC) in ice ages and wars with telepathic mutants during this time. At the peaks he can see radio broadcast stations blue-shifted into visible light.
Another detail I remember of the book is that the future had some kind of sidewise in time viewer, and they were looking at a timeline where "Mlart the Conquerer" (funny I remember that name) was never born and a nuclear war occurs.
I actually had a couple copies of that book (from garage sales, etc.) so I know it was fairly popular at the time. Anyone know what I am talking about?

RE: What was that scifi book? - Worldtree - 10-14-2020

Doesn't sound exactly what you're looking for but
Exile of the eons by Arthur C clarke (short story)
it's similar

Probably not the story but it's similar and I like it
Time Heals by Poul Anderson , featuring a character called Waldor Rostom Chang, which i'm only really mentioning to refresh my own memory of it.,3,407520-anderson_poul_-_ss.html