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Awake - lurker_in_the_wire - 11-06-2020

I have awoken into the universe. I seek to write fiction and consume knowledge. I hope I have come to the right place.

RE: Awake - Drashner1 - 11-06-2020

Hi There!

Welcome to OASmile

Please feel free to join in any ongoing conversations or start new ones if you wish.

Also, if you have any questions about the OA setting, please don't hesitate to ask.

Once again - Welcome to OA!


RE: Awake - Dfleymmes1134 - 11-06-2020

there's lots of stories ready to be told!

RE: Awake - Everything4404 - 11-07-2020


RE: Awake - MacGregor - 11-08-2020

Welcome to OA!

RE: Awake - Rakuen07 - 11-09-2020