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Modosophont - Technothrope - 11-13-2020

Hello, folks. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this community.
I've been a fan of science fiction RPGs since Gamma World, through Cyberpunk 2016 (where's our cyberlimbs?!), to Eclipse Phase, Transhuman Space, and now Orion's Arm. Google led me here while I was performing research for a GURPS posthuman space opera campaign setting. It's nice to see the commitment to 'hard' space opera. There's tons of wicked ideas here. I look forward to getting to know folks, and discussing this fascinating setting.

RE: Modosophont - Worldtree - 11-13-2020

Welcome Technothrope!

yeah let us know if you have any questions in particular as you explore the OA universe or are lookign for particular threads!

RE: Modosophont - Drashner1 - 11-13-2020

Hi! Welcome to OASmile


RE: Modosophont - Technothrope - 11-14-2020

Thanks for the welcome.