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Move Over Graphene - JohnnyYesterday - 10-10-2013

Carbyne is the strongest known material.

Someone with the power want to edit my Woven Graphene EG, replacing graphene with carbyne?

RE: Move Over Graphene - Drashner1 - 10-10-2013

Looking at the EG, I'm not sure if a simple conversion of 'graphene' to 'carbyne' would necessarily be accurate.

If you're sure that a straight substitution is all that's needed, I can certainly do that. However, if you'd like to look the article over and modify it to better fit the different properties of carbyne vs graphene (or even generate a separate article while modifying the graphene article to acknowledge the existence of carbyne or combine them or whatever), then I can expedite the replacement or addition.

Just let me know what you prefer.



RE: Move Over Graphene - stevebowers - 10-14-2013

This article is written by someone who is skeptical about carbyne's usefulness
the chains might 'cross-link explosively', which makes the material less than optimal if true.

RE: Move Over Graphene - JohnnyYesterday - 10-15-2013

In light of this, it's probably best to hold off until more conclusive evidence (such as unambiguous manufacture of carbyne) presents itself before editing the entry.

RE: Move Over Graphene - Drashner1 - 10-15-2013

No problemSmile If things change later, we can always tweak it then.