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Worldbuilding Pasta - tmazanec1 - 01-22-2021

Good blog on creating a fictional planet, with all the science involved:

RE: Worldbuilding Pasta - stevebowers - 01-22-2021

It is! The latest episode, Tidally-locked planets, has some very interesting stuff. Particularly the bit about resonant-orbiting planets with 'double eyeball' hotspots.
[Image: 32%2Bplanet.png]

RE: Worldbuilding Pasta - tmazanec1 - 01-23-2021

I especially liked the post on Plate Tectonics.

RE: Worldbuilding Pasta - Everything4404 - 01-26-2021


I know the guy who creates the blog, I used the blog actually, but I forgot to mention it here...

Yeah, it is a superb blog!