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Hi - NexusEye - 06-07-2021

Hi, I'm NexusEye. So far all I've done is ask a question and point out some errors. Hoping to do more than that relatively soon.

RE: Hi - Drashner1 - 06-07-2021

Hiya! I already gave you the new member greeting rundown so won't hit you with that again. But we're always happy to welcome new members.

If you have any questions/concerns about how to contribute content the EG or the like, please don't hesitate to ask.



RE: Hi - MacGregor - 06-08-2021

Welcome to OA!

RE: Hi - Vitto - 06-10-2021

Hello! Welcome!

RE: Hi - Joseph Siriani - 07-17-2021

Hello, fellow new member of OA! It's nice to meet you, NexusEye. I'm Random Ambles and I'm new also.

Do you mind if I ask what question you asked? I'm curious.