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Sync: non-OA fiction - weirdspecter - 12-23-2021

Hey folks,

This is the second time I've shared a piece of fiction from my setting with you all, in this case because I felt its take on transhumanism (and early brain-computer interfacing) seemed both reasonable and interesting. I'd love some feedback from interested readers here, on my setting and writing more generally seeing how much I owe to the format and hard-SF focus of OA and its membership.

Here's the link:

Let me know what you think!

All the best,


RE: Sync: non-OA fiction - Drashner1 - 12-23-2021

Thanks for this! Smile

I've got vacation starting 12/24. Will aim to give this a read and your setting a looking over and offer what feedback I can.


RE: Sync: non-OA fiction - Worldtree - 12-24-2021

this is fantastic! great story
I have no idea if neural links could work like that but I'm guessing nobody else really knows either so , great writing
I'll read again later to find something to criticize

RE: Sync: non-OA fiction - Drashner1 - 12-27-2021

Just finished reading the story - Fun! Smile

It reminds me a bit of the writing of Charles Stross and his depictions of the future/a post-Singularity world. A bit strange, a bit madcap perhaps. A future that has elements that have been predicted finally coming to be - and some other stuff no one has thought of/expected.

I'll also aim to read this again with a more critical eye. At the moment nothing is leaping out yelling 'No, No No' although there might be a word or turn of phrase that could do with a bit of polishing IMHO. Also some turns of phrase that I quite liked, btw.

Thanks for sharing this and will post further thoughts in the near future.


RE: Sync: non-OA fiction - Drashner1 - 01-09-2022

Gave this another read thru with the intent of being more critical. But liked it even better this time. Smile

Good job!


RE: Sync: non-OA fiction - DarrenRyding - 03-15-2022

A very impressive story.  You have eloquently described sensations that are far beyond the experience of anyone living today - which is exactly what good SF is supposed to do.  It reminds us that neural link-ups could turn out to be utterly alien experiences (by todays standards) unlike anything in human history.  If a person has been blind since birth and suddenly could see for the first time ever, how would the conscious mind interpret the initial flood of alien sensation?  I feel that is the kind of paradigm shift awaiting our descendants, and you have given us a glimpse of what that might be like.