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cow news - sandcastles - 01-17-2022

A farmer from Turkey said he is simulating green pastures on virtual reality headsets to reduce the cows' stress in an attempt to have them produce more milk.

İzzet Koçak said his family has been in the agriculture industry for three generations and that he cares for more than 180 cows. In addition to having his cows wear VR headsets, Koçak also has the cows listen to classical music in order to keep their stress levels lowered.

Farmers in other places like Russia have been trying it, too.  It works, apparently.

(Sorry, couldn't think of anything else funny to add to this.)

RE: cow news - Worldtree - 01-18-2022

Haha thank you for informing us about our continuing cyberpunk bovine utopia/dystopia

RE: cow news - sandcastles - 01-19-2022

You're welcome!