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February/ march updates: - Worldtree - 03-01-2022

February/ march updates: (Checking before posting)

Updated Articles

Second Federation Ontology has now been replaced with Concord Ontology 
'Second Federation period' has been mostly replaced with either 'Integration' or 'Integration period'

which articles were updated from this thread?

Minor updates about the scale of the NoCoZo

Great Houses

new images from Tharsis13 
New Muuh Image added to article
New Kriavuk Image added to article


Let me know if the superior genemod should be added to the article, Rynn Smile

RE: February/ march updates: - Rynn - 03-02-2022

Looks good! I'll add the genemod snapshot this weekend if you don't get to it first Smile There's a couple of lines in the article that need tweaking to fit.

RE: February/ march updates: - stevebowers - 03-02-2022

I swapped the images in the Kriavuk page around; generally I think it is best to put the newest images first, so the change is more apparent.

RE: February/ march updates: - Worldtree - 03-02-2022

Both of those sound good! Thanks Rynn and Steve

Also, I'll add the DeviantArt gallery link

RE: February/ march updates: - stevebowers - 03-03-2022

This page has been extensively updated, although I will probably add some more notes at some point.
Wolf Rayet Stars

I've added it to the Updates page.

RE: February/ march updates: - Drashner1 - 03-03-2022

(03-01-2022, 03:10 AM)Dfleymmes1134 Wrote: which articles were updated from this thread?

Regarding this question:

Far too many articles have been updated to list individually. Probably on the order of 30-50 or more when we include conversion of Second Federation/SecFed Ontology to Concord Ontology and Second Federation/SecFed to Integration. There's still more ongoing as we're now down to articles and topics that treat the Second Federation as an active empire in its own right and which will need some larger scale tweaking to update that (not sure how much or how big yet).

Hope this helps,


RE: February/ march updates: - Worldtree - 03-03-2022

ah ok Thank you, Todd, and Steve

RE: February/ march updates: - Maelum - 03-06-2022

Why was the Second Federation changed?

RE: February/ march updates: - Worldtree - 03-06-2022

(03-06-2022, 12:52 PM)Maelum Wrote: Why was the Second Federation changed?

(12-05-2021, 09:38 PM)MacGregor Wrote: Alright everyone, the new Second Federation EG article is now up. To be clear, this is a new Solsys based polity that is a successor state to the First Federation. However, this is a problem as there is currently something called the Second Federation Ontology. This Second Federation Ontology is unrelated to the new article, occures later in OA's timeline, and does not correspond to a specific polity. Therefore, we need a new name that does not use the term "Second Federation" for the Second Federation Ontology. To make things even more complicated there is also a time period called The Second Federation (3800 - 4450 AT) which will need a new name as well. As a reminder, the reason we are making these changes is that it is confusing to have something called the "Second Federation" Ontology and "Second Federation" time period that didn't actually correspond with something called the "Second Federation." 

A few names that have been kicked around are posted below, but some new suggestions are welcome. Cheers!

 Commonwealth Ontology 
 New Galactic Ontology 
 Pan-Orthodox Ontology