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Hey Everyone! - GinsengCarpet11 - 06-22-2022


I'm Sebastian (GinsengCarpet11), and I found out about Orion's Arm from the YouTube channel Ambiance, who were using the mid-90s 3d raytracing images that were featured on OA by artists like Anders Sandberg, Keith Wigdor and Phil Wolstenholme, over big compilations and studio sets of 'intelligent drum and bass' which also came from the same era as the art. I enjoy both the music and the images, enough that I wanted to find the source of these images and therefore discovered OA. On top, I also enjoy primarily future-based fiction lore and worldbuilding that goes incredibly deep, so coming across OA was such an incredible plus on top of the initial sources of discovery.

Anyways, I'm a recent-adult musician, currently studying. I am into all kinds of music, and always playing games and reading wikis outside of music. I am very open and I will gladly talk to anyone who wants to.

RE: Hey Everyone! - Drashner1 - 06-22-2022

Hi there! - Welcome to OA.

Feel free to join any discussions that grab your interest or to start new ones.

Also, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to post them in whichever sub forum seems relevant.


RE: Hey Everyone! - Worldtree - 06-23-2022

Hi there welcome! Glad you’ve found this Smile
A few people have contributed music directly to OA and you might be interested in these pieces Smile

Those images were apparently made with Bryce 3D , if that’s something you find helpful to know