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Emerging Lurker - cthulhlu - 12-19-2013

Hi there, long term lurker finally coming forward, hopefully to take a more active role in the OA universe, mostly art wise but hopefully with a little creative writing too.

On that note i have two ideas, one a small xenosophont enclave and the other a rather odd fellow associated with the queen of pain. is there somewhere for me to post these ideas were they can be safely shot down if the suck?

RE: Emerging Lurker - stevebowers - 12-19-2013

Hi! Welcome to OA!

The best place for prospective new articles is here, Encyclopaedia Galactica Articles

for more general discussions, this section is best General Setting Discussion

For new artwork, this section is best Art and Visual Media

and for stories and other writings. Creative Writing

RE: Emerging Lurker - Drashner1 - 12-19-2013

Hi, Welcome to OA Smile

Steve's already given you good advice on where to post things. If you have any questions or concerns about anything else, feel free to post em to whichever sub-forum seems to come closest to the topic you want to discuss. Or feel free to PM an admin.