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Real life nootropic - tmazanec1 - 01-08-2014

RE: Real life nootropic - Rynn - 01-08-2014

Reverting the brain to a youthful state (as the article claims) is hyperbole but I have heard reports that this drug increases neuroplasticity in key areas of the brain.

It's interesting to note there are already examples of drugs that may be called nootropics in existence. Ritilin springs to mind as a drug often used to aid study (albeit off label).

RE: Real life nootropic - iancampbell - 01-08-2014

There seem to be quite a lot of nootropic drugs and also herbal extracts around, some if not most of them with ill-defined and/or weak effects. One that I know about, from the herbal field, is ginkgo biloba extract.

I think it's fair to say that most nootropics have much stronger effects on a brain whose function is impaired in some way. Effects on young, healthy brains are much more difficult to prove.