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    Thread: Space Suit
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Rynn Wrote: (04-14-2022, 02:46 AM) -- Very nice! I love the bio mechanical look :) You said this is for your setting, but do you also intend to contribute it to an OA article? Your choice of course. ...
Tharsis13 Art and Visual Media 7 81 04-14-2022, 03:00 AM
    Thread: Space Suit
Post: Space Suit,h_1160,q_80,strp/kep_quo_space_suit_by_th...
Tharsis13 Art and Visual Media 7 81 04-14-2022, 12:56 AM
    Thread: Hello
Post: Hello

Hi I'm Charlotte (or tharsis13 online). An aspiring comic book artist from canada. I've contributed a two drawings to the project a little while ago. I cant remember exactly how i found out about ori...
Tharsis13 The Arrivals Lounge 3 2,654 04-11-2022, 02:15 AM
  Photo Thread: Alchemist Warrior Caste
Post: Alchemist Warrior Caste,h_1349,q_80,strp/alchemist_warrior__orion...
Tharsis13 Art and Visual Media 4 63 04-11-2022, 01:55 AM