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    Thread: Regression in ascension level
Post: RE: Regression in ascension level

Indeed, the Abdication and Fragmentation articles do show that indeed, it is possible to go down an S level. However, I think a more relevant question would be whether you are the same person from ...
solarnobody General Setting Discussion 6 77 07-31-2022, 08:40 PM
    Thread: Minor Polities run by lower transapients?
Post: Minor Polities run by lower transapients?

We've all seen that all major polities in the Terragen Sphere are ruled by the S5 or S6 archai. Also, to a lesser extent, there are also some polities that are primarily ruled via S4 archai, such as W...
solarnobody General Setting Discussion 3 59 07-31-2022, 06:14 AM
    Thread: You've ascended to the 1st Singularity, what will you do now?
Post: RE: You've ascended to the 1st Singularity, what w...

As a paranoid guy, I would probably attempt to ascend to S6 as fast as possible. If I was able to influence what my transapient self would do, I would be sending tons of my robotic copies out of the s...
solarnobody General Setting Discussion 29 441 07-31-2022, 04:47 AM
    Thread: Hello! Late Introduction
Post: Hello! Late Introduction

Hello! I completely forgot to introduce myself- despite having joined nearly one month ago. To be honest, I've joined the forum because I wanted to know the behind-the-scenes comments regarding some...
solarnobody The Arrivals Lounge 2 1,217 07-31-2022, 04:19 AM