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..and here's one of the extremely disturbing aspects of the Orion's arm setting.

Pet Humans

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Very cool images all aroundSmile One minor bit - The note about lifespan for Heavy says they can live 'for century or more' rather than 'for a century or more'. Otherwise, it all looks great!

Thanks for doing these!

These pictures are really great Big Grin not sure how much feedback you're looking for but IMO the Goliaths and Nephilim should be more bottom heavy. Larger humanoids aren't going to be able to move like smaller humanoids (square-cube law). If they start to lean to far to one side it will be much harder to correct their balance as their legs wont be able to move as fast. A solution to this would be to make the legs thick and wider spaced with a thin torso and spindly arms.
I always welcome as much feedback and criticism as anyone is willing to give. If there are visual mistakes, particularly in a diagram, they are the essentially factual errors.

Here's a few options for the Nephilim and Goliaths, just to make sure that there is some consensus on the body plans i drew.

i'm most partial to option D for the Nephilim.
The body is much smaller and thinner, the hips are proportionally wider, the center of gravity is lower, and the neck isn't too long. Though it could be proportionally longer i suppose (the neck in option A).

I like option B for Goliaths. the legs are thicker, the upper body is thinner, and the arms have longer reach. Technically both B and C could be practical and exist side by side too, i'm guessing.

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and here's the corrected octopi image. (which, I assume, can be considered finished. )

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I also like B for the Goliaths, although I can't really put my finger on why. There's just something that feels better proportioned about that one. I don't have a good sense one way or the other for the Nephilim. Will defer to others on that one, I think.

Nice Smile I quite like D for the big difference between lower and top body. With a little smoothing I think it could be just right. Also perhaps the arms should be longer, nearly down to the knees, so that one could pick up objects on the floor without having to lean to far and risk falling over.
Let us not forget that when I designed the Nephilim I included the idea of "lightweighting" with airsacks throughout the bones and soft tissues. A bottom heavy design could be obtained without changing the outward look just by reducing the size of the airsacks in the lower body.
Evidence separates truth from fiction.
these all look great, of course re the provolved dolphins, while some might go for tweaking or bioborg hand tech, with OA tech those arms could just as easily be really convincing mechanical appendages.
(09-15-2013, 12:41 PM)ai_vin Wrote: Let us not forget that when I designed the Nephilim I included the idea of "lightweighting" with airsacks throughout the bones and soft tissues. A bottom heavy design could be obtained without changing the outward look just by reducing the size of the airsacks in the lower body.
I did not forget that fact (it's pointed out on Moody Globe of Vast Intent..feel free to invent other names, if you want)

..but is that adaption necessary now, as opposed to simply removing some of the tissue entirely, or placing that same spongey tissue entirely around the belly?

Looking over the description and the first drawing (the ones with clothes), I think I was a bit hasty with the proportions.
The nephilim's height but when I reconsider the actual scales involved, I probably made the shoulders and upper body too wide. The spongey gas sacks, in addition, would not necessarily make the nephilim bulge in the same places as muscles might do. More importantly, in the first drawings I did, the center of the Nephilim's balance is (probably) too high.

"Great size puts a lot of strain on the hominid bauplan so the Nephilim have made every effort at lightweighting their form to gain height. Like birds the Nephilim have smaller, more efficient organs and a system of air sacs reaching out from their lungs to fill out the volume of their bodies. This network of air passageways reaches even to inside most of their bones and out to their skin; whereas humans have a layer of fat to insulate them and store metabolic calories, the Nephilim have spongy layers of cells under their skin and around their organs that store light hydrocarbon gases. A by-product of their digestion, these gases (mostly methane) are filtered out of their guts, cleaned and passed through a branch of the air sac network to their spongy layers. Once there, colonies of neogen bacteria consume the gases and pass on the ATP they make into the Nephilim's bloodstream. Even with the Nephilim's large size dwell time for the gases is less than a week, but that is more than enough to hold them over between meals.

This system of air passageways and spongy layers has allowed a further reduction in weight by way of blood volume. Because Nephilim blood can now be resupplied with oxygen and energy carriers locally their blood flow can be reduced to most organs. There is a trade-off in this however as the other constitutes of the blood (carbohydrates, proteins, salts, etc.) are also reduced. As a result the Neplilim have much slower growth rates and less natural ability to heal from injury."

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