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Question about R136a1
What do you think would be the best ways to use the resources that star R136a1 provides? (for a civilization that is close enough for this to be viable in OA universe)

I know that the resources provided by this star can be used in many ways.
-using your dough to create wormholes.
simply by using the energy released by the star's own nuclear fusion.
-using the mass of this star in conversion reactors.
-create various DWIZ for the transformation of light to heavy elements.

These are the main uses I can remember, in your opinion, what would be the best way to use star mass? If you want to cite an option that you think is best that I didn't, feel free!
I would suggest the first thing to do would be to take the star apart. In its present form it has a very short lifespan and will likely blow up spectacularly in mere millions of years.

This is both very wasteful and dangerous to the local neighborhood.

The mass of the star could be removed and then stored in some set of 'conveniently sized' packages (perhaps ranging from moon to large gas giant size, depending on intended use). These in turn could be mined and run through conversion reactors or DWIZs which could produce energy and raw materials which in turn could be used for a variety of things, including wormhole creation as the wants, needs, and desires of the civilization may call for or change over time. The amount of energy produced via conversion would easily dwarf all of the energy the star will produce in its natural form or as any other type of star and could be controlled much more readily.

Hope this helps,


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