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Here, or p.m. me.
All typos fixed up to this point, by the way (don't forget we use both US and UK spellings on this site, so sometimes mistakes aren't really mistakes)
(07-26-2017, 03:56 AM)stevebowers Wrote: Here, or p.m. me.
All typos fixed up to this point, by the way (don't forget we use both US and UK spellings on this site, so sometimes mistakes aren't really mistakes)

I have a short biography here.  Can I edit it later on, or is it set in stone?

I have a undergraduate degree in Government and Politics.  However, I was an aerospace engineering major for three years before embracing my interest in international politics.  So I have a huge interest in the intersection of technology and Geopolitics, and I am interested in how technology will affect international politics and power dynamics.  I am an Eagle Scout and a (probably still) certified scuba diver.  I was on a FIRST Robotics team, volunteered for Relay for Life for seven years, was a member of the National Honor Society in high school, and at one point had a motor boating license.
Members can request changes to their bios (or submit revised bios) at any time.


Bio now added to the website.


(07-26-2017, 11:49 AM)Drashner1 Wrote: Bio now added to the website.



Thank you for adding me. I'm honored.
Sorry it took so long to get your amendment onto the site, by the way. There were one or two minor canon issues to remedy first.
Best Friends

the companions welfare
should be
the companion's welfare

but I suggest changing the article entirely: I think that assuming a negative intent is inappropriate, even though the article is referenced from one which lists proscribed activities.

The entire article might be better as something like

A psychological simulation is made of a specific individual or group, allowing the acquisition of near perfect insight into the target's preferences. That knowledge can be used to create and introduce an ideal "companion" to them. Actions involving that companion can then be used to influence the subject. The companion might be physical, virtual or even imaginary.
Yes- it does seem to be describing malware rather than something useful. Some 'best friends'might be malicious, but I'd expect them to be mostly neutral or beneficial; a kind of external exoself or aiviser.
The posts #772 Efficiency Maximization Paradigm
#774 Transcend, The,
#775 Far Edge Civilisation, The
#807 Best Friends
Still need attention.

And i made a long post about links we could ask and other things. Archaipelago

typo: mimetically

Need hyperlinks in the text. (For example): transcension, 5th toposophic , archais, godlings, Archosaurian Empire , Encyclopaedia Galactica , Archaitheocracies , memetic , third toposophic , ISO , Toh Chi Lok-Nar , fourth toposophic , Archosaurian Entity , superbright , HeavenWatch , UrchinStar , Heaven Watch Organization , Vanguard Domain , AI God (instead of AI), Lord of Rays , Inner Sphere Archosaurian Entity, The

Need hyperlinks in the text. (For example): transapient , Conversion-drive ship , 3rd toposophic , Cygpexba , Solar Dominion , Sephirotic Metaempire , Computronium, exotic matter, ISO parts, micro-wormhole generators , ascension/transcension , uplifted (provolved) , UrchinStar , Vanguard Alliance , dreadnought , dominator , Archangel corvettes , Metathrone , viral attack , fifth toposophic , godlings , transapientech , computronium

Include this line: Fiction featuring the Archosaurian Empire: Under the Looking Glass

Toh Chi are bipedal neosaurs closely resembling their deinonychus ancestors, with a slightly larger cranium that is nonetheless beautifully streamlined. Females are two metres tall and over three metres long, with black and orange stripes. Males are slightly smaller, with black and red stripes. By biont standards, Toh Chi are remarkably strong, with among the fastest reflexes of their size. Putorians, Neputons, and Nanputons

Need section titles. For example a title before the paragraph: "Much later, in the late 2900s A.T., Coulomb Luthra," with the title: "A second life for the Putorians".
A title before: "In terms of physiology," with the title: "Physiology".
and a title before: "Personality-wise," with the title: "Psychology and society".

Need hyperlinks in the text. (For example): S:1 , Zoeific Biopolity , Solar Dominion , GEvidian

Typo: four ornithopods (Hypsilophodon, Dryosaurus, Camptosaurus, Iguanodon, Muttaburrosaurus, Miasaura, and Parasaurolophus),

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: Late Federation , Empires Age , fully sophont mind , Utopia Caretaker God , Re-evaluation , Orion Federation , Sophic League , STC Sagittarius , Toh Chi Lok  , Toh Chi Lok-Nar Toh Chi Lok-Nar (kingdom) Allosaurus (animal)

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: Old Earth , dinosaur , lazurogenesis , Dinoworld and Jurassic Entertainment, Jurassica Institute of Lazurogenetics , Owen (planet) , middle Empires period , hyperturing , GEvidan , provolved , Dino Kids, Ruprect 108 , Hinteregion ,

Owen Owen

I suggest renaming this article to: Ornith system (Owen) . Because the article has info of another planets on the system and is not only about Owen.

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: Dino Kids , Toh Chi Lok , ComEmp period , early Age of Re-Evaluation period , SI:2 entity , Archosaurian Entity , Mesozoic Era

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: Old Earth , Dinosaurs , the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous , lazurogeneered , Owen (Utopia Sphere), the Paleo Habitats (FAS), the vast Mesozoic Ring (MPA),  Cyberian Dino Virchworlds. Urchinstar

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: high transapient [s2] , Argus Project , M39 Cluster (later known as the Archaipelago), third toposophic , ISO , nanotech, magmatter,  godtech , superbright , Toh Chi Lok-Nar , fourth toposophic , Archosaurian Entity , During the 9th and 10th millennia , Virch , Molatov Skulwak , fifth toposophic , godlings.

HeavenWatch: maybe we should make an article about heavenwatch in the future. Hon'Kken

Change: Race for clade.

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: tweak-splice hive race or dinosaur-neogen provolves , post-ComEmp period , modosophont , toposophic , Biovirate , SI:1 transapient , DNA-vat computer , ISO , MPA , NoCoZo/NoCoNeg . Limners

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: transapient , AI , Archailect , Dawn Hunters . Search For Non-Terragen Intelligence, The

In the Data Panel with a chronology. The dates need links to the url where the events are explained. Red Dwarf Kings, The

The article need section titles. For example, before: " When the Solipsist League vanished in 342 AT, " could be a title named: "The vanishment of the Solipsist League, and the foundation of the Diamond Belt".

The paragraph: " Stars EZ Aquarii (colonised by ahumans 571) 
Gliese 887 (colonised by ahumans 789)
Gliese 876 (colonised by humans 907, captured by ahumans 1113)"
Seems to be inside a non-existent datapanel.

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: solipsist , ahuman , Solar System , Kilburn , HAL , Mycroft , Near Kuiper Belt Objects , virch , superturing , kinetic energy weapons , Oort cloud , pulse fusion drive craft , modosophonts , Silicon Generation , Aardwolf Storms, The

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: Silicon Generation , transapient Hyperfog , utility fog , diamondoid computronium seafloor , sophonts , Three Kings , Diamond Belt , Diamond Network , Diademata, The

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: NoCoZo , Periphery , Gaian , Arean , Advaita Vedanta

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: Old Earth , Sol System , Meme , Empires period , Sophic , memetics , Locus

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: mildly tweaked nearbaseline humans . Central Alliance era , Beneficence

Typo: sceptical > skeptical.

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: singularities , sophonts , first Singularity , ascension , ascend , transcension , Transapient , transhuman , quasi-negentropist , Provolution , Pan-Sophont rights , virch, vec, cyborg, neogen, and provolve rights, as well as the more traditional "human rights." brights , superbrights , posthuman , hyperturing , Great Expulsion , MesoGaian world , Second Singularity , First Federation , SI:1, S1:2, SI:3, SI:4, toposophic level , artificial wormholes , Diamond Belt civilization , dyson sphere , Taurus Nexus , Middle Federation period , conversion drives , immediately and destructively uploaded , technorapture , memetic virus , nanotech cyborging technique , Universal Bill of Sentient Rights of the Vesta Convention , Theodore Roosevelt Sukicorp , Megacorps , Great Houses , Daedalus system , bonobo provolve of su stature , Institute for Primate Provolution , Godweb , utility fog , virchspace , Known Net , Sephirotic , Terragen Sphere , Negentropy Alliance , Keterist Dominion , MPA , computronium , Blue Star Dysons , Communion [of worlds] , derives from Terragen-based bionts, cyborgs, vecs, virches, ai descended from hu-friendly ai, and the rare xenosophont (mostly Singers and To'u'ls). , Communion of Worlds, Cyberian Network, Keterist Dominion, Silicon Generation, MPA, NoCoZo, Orion Federation, Red Star 'M'pire, TRHN, Pan-Sophontist League, Utopia Sphere, and oddly, the Eternal. , Laughter Hegemony, Efficiency Maximization Paradigm, the Panvirt, Diamond Network, Objectivist Commonwealth , Archailects

Doubts / typos: trans-transapient , artilect , hyper-transapients ,

RetCon / canon:
Quote: it cannot be denied that the Central Archai are a complete set in some sense; they cover a mandala of the most fundamental mythological/psychological/spiritual needs and structures. 
Quote:They are sometimes referred to as the Great Hexadecimal,

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: artificial intelligences , posthumans , wormhole nexus , nanoscale , ascended Transapients - whether ai, posthuman, postvec, or other clades , hyperturing AIs , Known Net , ascension and transapientech invention, Neohermeticists , Cyberhemeticists , Sephirotics , Transhumanists , Powers , Ontocosmists the Cybergods, by the Umma the Watchers, by the Cybertantrika a[nd] the Cosmic Machine Chakras, and by the Immersivists and the Biomechophilists the Mainbrains. , Ascends , Archetype Ascended Intellects or Archailects, or Archai for short ,   Archailectologists , Artilectotheologians , Pantheons , Central Gods , galactic noosphere ,  Great Hexadecimal , fabulists , bionts, aioids, cyborgs, and xenosophonts , su [periors] , as part of a Great Chain of Being , Sophism, Lucidian

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: First Federation , Miranda Clade of Superiors , Cosmists , tweaking , eugenicisation , Dark Ages , blue-goo , Virtuals , nanite , Young Borde , Negentropists, Utopians, Sophics, and Caretakerists , Bres Isaac, Manton Ele, and the hyperturing Proclus of Roddenberry , [First] Federation , Galactic Catholic Church, the Amitabha Orthodoxy, Logos Tradition, and other mytho-primitivist sects. , Universal Church, the Stella Umma, Neo-Buddhism, Cosmism, Undyoism, Etodism, and other important religions. , Environmental Sophism is often aligned with Caretaker Gods, and with tweak races like the Martians , Omega point. , Omegism , Terraforming

Doubts / typos: bioids and aliens, ¿ bionts and xenos ,

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: Mars , Geoengineering , Venus , the Moon , Galilean satellites of Jupiter , Genetekkers , The Orbital Alliance , Nova Terra in the Tau Ceti system , during the Federation era. , Penglai , Solar Dominion , hyperturing-directed replicators , partial Dyson shell , Conver Ambi , Second Empires War , Softbot Coordinator Systems clade of superiors, which developed into the Softbot Cathedrals. , MPA , To'ul'hs , Keter dominion , nanotechnology , Benedita Bluesky DaCosta , Inner Sphere and Middle Regions , NewRoot

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: Metasoft Version Tree , cyberspace , planar grid of mass beams , vec , distributed-computing based mind , Transapient , sapient , angelnetting , Deep Well Industrial Zones , KapekNow

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: Metasoft , Genetron vec-factory , Mensoganto , Wormhole Nexus. Frei

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: Makrania Orwoods , Merrion , Sadalmelik

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: amat , aioid , O'Neill, Hamilton, or Bernal habitats , Mutual Progress Association , Bishop Rings , Augmented posthuman cyber cities , semi-concerted mind hives , Universal Splice and Provolve Church , Animism , Zaratrustanism , Neoedenism , MPA Materialism , Omegism , Zoeticism , Undyoism , Islam , Universal Church , Abundance Anarchism , Kya Observance , [Kja observance] , Rianth , posthuman individualist ranging from turingrade to S>1 , MPA , NoCoZo-(ex Penglai or Terranovan), Nanloon, Terran Fed, Sophic League (Umma and others), and Ula(f) , Version Tree Autofacs , vec , Inner Sphere , Djed

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: Middle Regions , amat and exotic matter factories , AI computronium , transapient hyper-design complex known as The Dream Factory , Archailect , the Sixth Toposophic entity , Binah , MPA , S5 , Dreamseat habitats , virtual and ai minds , angelnetting , vec, superior, and near-baseline. Mutual Progress Association

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: memetic, seraiphic, and toposophic guidance of transapient , Transapientech and Godtech , prims or lo teks , Djed, Galbydeia, Halcyon, Kiyoshi, Kepleria , Oikoumene , Sadalmelic , cyborg, suborg, bioborg, and superturing superbrights as well as posthuman and hyperturing transapients , subsophont biota, alifes, and nanecology organisms , Panvirtuality , Tragadi Accords , Sophic League , Version War , NoCoZo , Utopia Sphere, the Keter Dominion, and the Zoeific Biopolity , Negentropy Alliance , Middle Regions/Hinter-regions

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: Inner Sphere , Sephirotic transapientech autotopias , AI Gods , memetics , angelnets , astonishing diversity of polities, clades, cultures, and civilizations, archailect empires , well-travelled nexus links , blights , prowling autowars or old replicating swarms , higher toposophic protection , Hardy Bionano-Synanotech borgs, fast growing hybrid biohylonano-symbiotic orwoods, nanecologies supporting alifes and highly derived tweaks as alien as any xenosophont , hyperturings, postbionts, postvecs, postalifes , breaching toposophic barriers , Relativistic Traders , computronium-encoded data , NoCoZo , Negentropist , Solarian Clades of Cool , Sophic League , linelayer ships , wormhole links, Mobile Frontier, The

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: wormholes , godtech , Sagittarius NoCoZo space , transapients . Alpha Star

The article need hyperlinks in the text. For example: Version war , sophonts , virtuals , ais , toposophic levels , wormholes , ISO's , negentropic , computronium , Seams , Burdikeer , weylforges , Negentropic-Keter border , Neumann , uploaded , known net , Bill of Sentient Rights , cyberdemocracy ,  ril world , virchs
I'll leave the Efficiency Maximisation Paradigm article alone for now, since we are likely to rewrite it shortly.

Here's a reworking of the Transcend article, with a few more images and text;
The added text is as follows
Quote:Location The Transcend has largely migrated outwards from the crowded Inner Sphere; it occupies several clusters (on average about 3000 light years from Sol in various directions), such as Transcend Seven (NGC 6802 in Vulpecula, Transcend Nine in Centaurus, and Transcend Three in Auriga. The closest Transcend cluster to the Inner Regions is Transcend One, NGC 2451A, 600ly from Sol. All these clusters are connected by an independent wormhole nexus, forbidden to other Terragens.

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