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Your personal polity
I'm not too sure. I could fit in a few of them I think. I'm not strapped to any one ideology,but rather would have a particular requirements, OA's post-scarcity and transaps blends things a bit and most of them being sephrotic are broadly compatibile.

Beyond being a bit vec-central(Which I wouldn't have a problem with, I'd probably hang around vecs and start being a bit cyborg in any OA polity anyway). I'm not really sure what metasoft is like or what the standardisation requirmeent exactly is so hard to judge if ti s soemthing I'd be happy with or not.

The negentropists might be good, depending on just how exactly their fabs define something you 'need'. I imagine a ferw of their systems I could see myself becoming a professional argurer, learning about someone's lifestyle and needs then trying to persuade their genie fab to give it to them (Not sure what I'd get in return though) Plus I think there emphasis on conservation is more likely to lead to more centralised populations and mass transit) One of the stories on here in that empire mad eit sound quite appealling to me. Also I'm sure their are Negentropic vecs/bots, etc,

I think I might live ok in the Neli-Neti worlds too in the NoCoZo, tough Id' hate to live in some of the other systems.

Some of the Utopia Sphere worlds might be ok too, but some of them might be a little too slow, quiet and lacking in challenges for my tastes. I'm also not keen on the AI-as gods meme. Which puts me off a few of the empires. I'm not sure about the MPA, I think I might like some of the indivdual systems, but then there real poltics seems to be building megastructures sure is nice. I could be just as happy in OA on a planet/moon/hab/megahab

I'd not be too keen on the bio-polity, unless I was memed out of my nature-eww response. I'd rather live in cosmpolition are

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