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Religious tolerance intolerance?
No, you make a good point on all accounts. My eyes have always had a rose tint to them, so while people may not be outright converted, I believe people can talk and at least learn about the other person's faith or personal interpretations there of.

You make the point that I firmly state that an inter-religious and spiritually explorative guild might actually work better on Azeroth because all devout have very visible or otherwise observable examples of their objects of worship's existence, Elune, the Holy Light, the Titans, etc. So a guild were religious people of all races and creeds get together just to discuss the finer philosophical points and help one another with their personal findings seems more likely to succeed and manage than one in the real world. (In theory anyway. In my personal experience, people of different faiths have been unfailingly civil with one another and the most aggressive people at the table were the atheists. That's my experience though.)

My original posting was because it just shocked me that someone said "you cannot expect people."

Why can't I? Isn't a person intelligent? Wouldn't a roleplayer who's given such aspects as their character's religion extensive thought be expected to be reasonable and open to discussion?

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