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Religious tolerance intolerance?
I'm not sure whether this has been explored, but how well known is Terragen history to its inhabitants, particularly the modos? We, the creators of the setting, know that the archailects (or their earlier selves, at any rate) were created by modos, specifically human-derived ones - but do the inhabitants?

And how would this affect archai worship? After all, it may well be rather difficult to feel religious awe for an entity for which you know your species was responsible. This doesn't preclude behaviour that would possibly look much like today's religious worship, directed towards the archai but for purely pragmatic reasons; but many modos would know perfectly well there's nothing supernatural about them.

This is not to say that religion would not be affected by the presence of minds that are completely incomprehensible. Of course it would. The availability of something rather close to immortality to most modos in setting would alter religion drastically, too.

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