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Registration process has now changed
We have now changed the registration process to what will be its default settings going forward.

Users will no longer need a registration code, so the forum is now open to users who were not a part of the old Yahoo groups.

New users will be on moderation for a period, that is there posts will need approving by the moderation team before they appear. Generally this will be for one calendar month or until a number of suitable posts have been made. The first post of every new user will need approval, no matter how long they have registered for.

This process is in place to prevent spam bots, and is a replication of the process that was in place on the old Yahoo groups. Naturally it is subject to subsequent changes at the discretion of the Orion's Arm Board.

Any queries or suggestions feel free to post them here.

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Registration process has now changed - by graham228221 - 04-05-2013, 04:59 AM

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