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Distance from the sun for tidally locked world
Greetings. I haven't decided on any luminosity values or star size, but the star is cooler than the sun, and also probably a little bit smaller. The complicating factor is (B), but (B) is still quite important for the novel/novellas in question.

The planet in question have two dominant species. A mammalian species that has developed several bronze age civilizations in the temperated zones, characterised by maritime trade and religious stringency, and a wasp-like species living in the wastes of (A) ("the solar pole"). Due to the proximity of (B), civilization is regularly destroyed by cataclysms during the warmest period, when (B) is the closest in proximity. Firstly, the sea levels rise during those periods, covering a large part of the islands and the lowlands, secondly it messes with the mating habits and courting behaviour of the males of the civilization, and thirdly it leads to an explosion of the wasp-like creatures living around the solar pole, who extend the area on which they breed and hunt for food.

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