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Does anybody else think it would be useful to display the EG alphabetically as well as by topic? In editing the articles and topics in alphabetical order I noticed some of the advantages of a more traditional encyclopedic order: serendipity. You find out things about the OA universe that you might not otherwise discover. Now to be clear, I'm not thinking about going away from our topic-based organization: that's essential for finding things on purpose. What I'm thinking of is a parallel listing that allows someone who is browsing through to find things by happy accident. I believe it's possible to do this within our current content management system without changing too much the existing layout, though some changes to the EG's 'top' page would be required. I'll look into it further if other people think it would be worthwhile, but am looking for feedback first.

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Alphabetical Encylopaedia Galactica - by Matterplay1 - 04-07-2013, 09:13 AM

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