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Hi, guys!
(10-13-2014, 11:07 AM)stevebowers Wrote: Welcome to OA!
Your scenario sounds interesting; somewhere between OA and Star Trek/Babylon 5.

Of course, if you decide to contribute articles or stories to OA that would be very welcome. We have had two or three other Brazilian contributors in the past - any material written from that perspective would, I'm sure, be interesting.

Thanks. You know, I was tired of all those sci-fi settings full of handwavium/technobabbles where virtually all aliens are humans using make-up (or human baselines, like in the case of Stargate SG-1/Atlantis...Undecided) and where all planets resemble the Good Old Earth pre-Nanodisaster. Curiously, my desire to create a more realistic sci-fi scenario began after watching Alien Planet - I really loved the alien designs used by Wayne Barlowe. Smile

(10-13-2014, 11:11 AM)Matterplay1 Wrote:
(10-13-2014, 10:03 AM)SeptimusOraka Wrote: I really hope to have plenty of inspiration to make my universe while I'm here! Big Grin oh, and forgive my bad English - like I said before, I'm Brazilian and my English is really, really rusted. Tongue

Welcome! Your English certainly seems fine to me. I'm hoping that in participating here you'll not only be inspired for your own separate creation but also inspire additions to OA (or better yet, build something here yourself).

I will try to help you guys in creating some material to Orion's Arm too, but please remember that I am just a poor baseline! Big Grin

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