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Gamma laser torch propulsion
(02-08-2015, 12:20 AM)Drashner1 Wrote: I'm not sure if this effect could be made to work with conversion drives as it sounds like it depends on the different charges of the matter and amat particles. But something might be done.

Q-balls still seem to be in a bit of a state of limbo in OA, but the kind that interconvert matter and antimatter could use this approach.

(02-08-2015, 02:01 AM)iancampbell Wrote: The Kzinti Lesson definitely applies here. Even if weaponising a highly-directional gamma ray laser was not desired (and it probably would be, by some) one would have to be extremely careful about not accidentally hitting anything important with the beam. This might, in turn, restrict the vessel's manoeuvrability as it would be dangerous to accelerate in some directions.

Highly directional is relative... the beam won't be collimated, so its effective range as a weapon is limited (though for a big drive that's a relative term; you probably wouldn't want to be within a few light-hours down stream of the business end of one of these rockets when it lights up unless you were quite well protected). A simpler and lower power system that could be focussed would be much more effective at all ranges.

(you could just use this device as a one-shot pulse warhead on a missile however, which might make for an efficient way to use antimatter weaponry in a vacuum)

I suspect it isn't very useful to use a photon rocket like this one on anything other than an interstellar vessel, and they don't really have much need for manoeuvrability. The thrust is a bit low, and if you just need to get around in-system there are a bunch of other much simpler (and safer!) options which could end up being quicker due to significantly higher thrust, or in a similar time but without the need to expend lots of antimatter in the process.

Operating an interstellar drive of any kind at anything other than a very precisely specified power, direction and time within a few light hours of habitation is probably the sort of thing that makes local traffic control vapourise you without warning.

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