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Some of you guys have probably heard of the project Furaha: Life on Nu Phoenicis IV. It’s a really nice speculative xenobiology worldbuilding project, with painted artwork and biologically-plausible body plans for the xenos. There’s a blog on Furaha that I recently looked through. It has quite an amount of content not yet published on the main site, along with some helpful information.

A few useful and interesting pages:
How the shapes and layering of leaves can be different on worlds with differently-sized suns.
The rather unreliable nature of photosynthesis and how leaf colours (don’t) work out.
Inverting fish. A quite peculiar example of locomotion. I wouldn't have thought this could work. The blog post merely explores how such a design would work, not why or how it would have evolved.
Why ‘ballonts’ (human-sized gas-sac creatures) won’t work unless possessed of an extremely large size.
The problem (solved) on how to make terrestrial beings have eight or more legs without them bumping into each other while walking or making them in synchronized pairs.

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