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*As Biggs sees OA* Look at the size of that thing!
Greetings you marvellous people, most people who know me on the internet call me Savar, Dorran, Captain, 'Spots' and occasionally Malcolm, but really I'm just Stuart.

Although I haven't been able to read everything yet (Has anyone here? There's so much!) I am trucking steadily through the primer and canon sections in the hope I might come out of it with some vague grasp of my sanity- Ahem, I mean the OA universe. As already stated I'm not quite in tune with all that goes on here, but I couldn't resist signing up because I either do it now or when I finish reading! Tongue

Having seen how you incorporate new science into your universe as it comes into the universe of us mortals, I was curious as to how you view the Alcubirre Drive theory, as as far as I can tell (which is about as far as my 5/5 vision in regards to this massive site) it doesn't strictly contradict your physical laws rule.

If there's a particular thing I should go read and absorb spin me round three times and point me in the right direction and I'll muddle through.


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*As Biggs sees OA* Look at the size of that thing! - by CaptainDorran - 04-25-2015, 11:44 PM

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