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pictures, generated by Google's neural nets
(08-12-2015, 07:41 AM)chris0033547 Wrote: Sounds interesting; In that case I hope that some of your projects include AI systems that can help humans with medical research and medical expertise. That would be awesome:

That is some cool stuff. Hmmm. I have no doubt that the things I'm working on would be applicable to medical research, but there's nothing particularly task-specific about them. They could as easily be applied to weapons research.

If they work they'll mostly make systems a lot more sensitive to context and aware of their previous interaction (capable of keeping track of the thread of the conversation/interaction, or even remembering *specific* conversations/interactions and using that directly as input later) than they are now.

Most neural networks pretty much run on reflex action, with vague hints at contextual memory being difficult to achieve because encoding short-term memory in the pattern of neural connections is both hard and vaguely defined. Nobody's figured out a way to build "access to simple computer storage" in a way that has neural-net controls which can be finetuned by backpropagation so a neural network can learn to use it effectively. And they suck at math and other such things largely for the same reason; because nobody has figured out a way for them to control the CPU's ability to easily do math and then use the results of that math to feed later levels of the network. I mean, it's easy to hook it up, but very very hard to figure out a way to get a correct error gradient / correction so that the system can learn when it's getting the use of it right and specifically what network-weight corrections it needs to make when it's getting the use of it wrong.

I think (hope) I may have a way to crack that. Allowing a network to meaningfully evaluate and draw correction gradients from whole sequences of actions and outputs rather than just one action/output at a time. If I'm right that would help a whole lot with these context-sensitive tasks.

So, yes, applicable to medical research. But someone could also use it to build this...

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