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greetings, people. greetings and salutations.
(07-08-2015, 09:24 PM)Rynn Wrote:
(07-08-2015, 03:01 PM)smithofbexar Wrote: in the timeline of the OA, how many critical junctures would you say there are? for example, in actual history, i would say there is the bottleneck event/out of africa migration, the creation of agriculture (this is probably the single most important event in human history, and maybe always will be), the invention of writing, metalworking, the creation of trade networks in the ancient imperial era, the invention of the square sail array, the discovery of the new world, mass production, and the advent of the information network.

what would you say are the biggest (5-7 or so) of the junctures in the OA universe? the introduction of nanotech? the great first singularity? the great expulsion? first contact with xenosophance? i'd like to write about one of these events from the PoV of an 'everyman' character (although i don't like that term, it's weighted).

We have a few timelines that can help you with this:

Historical timeline (short summary)
Technology timeline
History (has links to timelines from each era)
Scrollable timeline

If you want a list of events:

- The nanodisaster (I wouldn't advise this at the moment because it's in the midst of a major rewrite)
- The great expulsion (similar to above but could be done)
- Formation of the First Federation
- First and second Vec war
- Version war
- Appearance of the first Archai
- Rise of the Second Federation (this could be good as it's an important part of history but we tend to focus on the early and late timelines)
- Establishment of the ComEmp Period

There are plenty more Smile just go digging in the EG

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