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QueElEs Talks About Himself
(07-13-2015, 09:46 PM)QueElEs Wrote: I'm actually fascinated by all religion, and will often fall into focusing on that area in articles.

If religions in general interest you, you might be interested in a chapter of Jared Diamond's recent book The World Until Yesterday, the one entitled "What Electric Eels Tell Us about the Evolution of Religion".

Also generally on the role of religions in the modern world and some possible future directions, there are a couple of series from the CBC Radio program Ideas that came out in 2012 are worth a listen. These are The Myth of the Secular, and After Atheism. Both series are excellent explorations of some current thinking on these topics. And yes, the titles are deliberately provocative, as are some if the ideas. And no, they are not promoting a particular religion, or even religion in general, and neither are they against religions; it's an exploration. Both series are available to listen to on the web, if you google them along with CBC. The Myth of the Secular is available too if you subscribe to the Ideas program through iTunes, since they're replaying it this summer. All free to you & the rest of the world, courtesy of my Canadian tax dollars...

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