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i'm tantric, i'd like to bring the funk to OA
(08-17-2015, 11:49 PM)Rynn Wrote: I'm pretty sure we don't have any pandemics in the early timeline, that's not to say there weren't epidemics at this time. Simply that there was nothing of major historical note along the lines of the Black Death. The early timeline is having an update at the moment but there's plenty of scope to fit in a "minor" epidemic. Feel free to write up a draft and propose it to the group Smile

Hmm, I had to google pfunk, am I right in saying you mean a genre of music from 40/50 years ago? I'm not familiar with it myself, or ghetto Buddhism. I can't say I really understand what you're proposing lol.

PFunk mythology

when buddhism moves into a new culture, new flowers bloom. what will american buddhism be like - which of our heroes will become bodhisattvas? what will sui generis american buddhism be like?

i propose that a sect takes root in the inner cities and merges with the funk - the good vibes, here - listen to this:

a buddhism that incorporates elements of popculture SF as mythology, but with the spirit of the Maitreya as in folk chinese religion, the happy fat old man, the good vibes buddha. sutras deconstructing Vulcan logic. it has its own school of martial arts, and it's practitioners are called 'jedi' (incorporates neurolinguistic programming for the mind tricks). they use high intensity laser lights as weapons - they can blind, the can illuminate, but not really cause harm. maybe not that much, but still, you get the point.

hey, stranger things have happened, we know this...and it is kinda glorious, assuming it never amounts to much in future history.

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