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The natural enemy of robots
(09-01-2015, 12:40 AM)Matterplay1 Wrote: Turning this around into the OA scenario, if young vecs have a comparable developmental period then they'd likely be assigned less physically capable bodies until their self-control routines were fully developed. A lot of that would depend on the particulars of how new vecs are produced, of course, and this could vary hugely from clade to clade; in some cases the 'new 'individuals might be copies or shuffled copies of full adults and so this would not apply.

Interesting point. It goes beyond vecs though, any super-strong clade with this sort of aggressive early behaviour may have to engineer in a suitable slow physical development. So their toughness/strength ratio favours the former and swings more equally as time goes on. Would have to be done in a manner that teaches the dangers of the behaviour.
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